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“Chicken in a Basket”

They patiently (sort of) waited in a basket while their paper was changed. It’s amazing how quickly they can cover the entire surface of their living quarters with bird droppings….

Meet Loretta, the Buff Laced Polish chicken…

She’s tired after her bath. One of her favorite pastimes is to roll around in bird droppings.

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  1. How’s Loretta doing these days?

  2. Hello,
    Just checking what kind of bird is this litlle white one?

  3. I hope you aren’t planning to do laundry any time soon…

  4. Hi Maureen,
    She’s a buff laced polish chicken. She’s very sweet and fragile. The other ones (Rhode Island Reds) tend to beat her up a bit on the playground.

  5. Wow. I just tried some of these recipes. Fantastic! My girl friend thinks I am a god!

  6. The chick is so cute! I have hens with chicks at house. They are as cute as this chick in the picture. I am sure this blog will be visited by my brother. Thanks for sharing this to us.