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“Ma Newsletter”

Continuing on our walking tour of the website’s little face lift…that we began two nights ago… where we went over the hill and through the woods to Grandma’s House, and learned how to ask Grandma P. about cool things… we’re heading back over to my house… and we’re walking and we’re walking…

(That’s apparently how they say it at the White House. At least that’s what someone told me. I’ve never had a walking tour of the White House, have you?)

So from time to time to time to time, I’m going to have things to tell ya.

Breaking news.

Exciting news.

About the imminent release of Food Heroes this September…

Or the urgent news that I’ve discovered the world’s best chicken wings…

Or the impending release of Girl Hunter next September…

Or the fact that I’ve learned how to make a proper German pretzel…

Or the the airing of the Girl Hunter TV show on a station near you…

Or the fact that I’m launching a line of pink over unders… and pink chaps.

Just kidding. Sort of. Actually, I’m pretty serious about the pink chaps. I mean business about the pink chaps.

I won’t get my act together often enough to send lots of newsletters, so you won’t have to worry about any excess from yours truly. But the fact is, that there’s some fun about to happen at my house, and I’d like to send you an invite.

So sign up for the mailing list on the right hand side there and you’ll get all the goody bags and candied bacon that comes with being my friend.

Cause I love ya.

The End.

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  1. I signed up. I really hope you share a German pretzel recipe.

  2. Candied bacon is always welcome here.

  3. Pink chaps? I guess that means you won't be hunting our southern plantations, since you'd get a lot of soot on your chaps from our burned pine trees. But maybe the quail would be curious, I don't think they've ever seen a flamingo before.