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“Lorenzo and His Gals”

Ever since making the transition from Loretta to Lorenzo, he has done a very diligent job of ruling the roost. Every day Lorenzo stands watch over his girls to make sure they are comfortable and laying.

While the other girls roam around and eat worms, Lorenzo stays focused, and paces back and forth along the laying boxes, making sure everything is A-OK.

He doesn’t go out looking for extra plump worms.

He doesn’t go dig up a nice dust crater for himself to sit in.

No, Lorenzo takes his job seriously and stands watch. Like a perpetual father to be, pacing the halls of the a birthing room.

Okay, maybe not quite. But he’s do a much better job than Buster did.

Go Lorenzo Go!!!

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  1. Came across your blog this week and I love it! Hope your grandma is doing better!

  2. We're butchering chickens in the a.m. Our rooster made the large mistake of attacking Mr. Dirtywrench when he was in the hen house today. The cockadoodle will be joining the ranks of those losing their heads tomorrow.

    • Haha. Do you sell your chickens Clayvessel or just eat them yourself? Have you ever taken out the leftover eggs inside that are in their various stages? I used to do that at a restaurant I worked at. We'd cure the embryonic yolks and shave them over pasta. Kind of fun.

      • We raise them to eat ourselves. We haven't had much satisfaction with butchering the laying breeds (we did that the first year we raised chickens and didn't get much meat) so we raise cornish for meat (had some eight pounders this time) and to my knowledge we've never come across any developing eggs. I'm wondering if you are testing my gag reflex with this idea? ;-) Actually, I'm curious how you *cure* the yolks.
        My daughter once did a 4-H/science project where she incubated eggs and opened them, one for each of the 21 days of development then photographed the embryos. Now that was interesting!

        • I replied to this and the computer hates me and didn't let it go through. So basically I think you submerge them in salt for a day or two as I recall. Then wrap them in cheesecloth and let them hang in the refrigerator. Then shave them like parmesan. Very simple.

  3. gpellegrini says:

    As I recall, it's pretty easy. You simply submerge them in salt for a few days and then wrap them in cheesecloth and let them hang in the fridge. They are quite tasty Clayvessel, I swear! And not nearly as creepy as horse clams ; )

  4. Loretta to Lorenzo…we have Sylvia to Sylvester…i'm sad, she/he was the prettiest chicken i had…know i know why…the roosters get all the pretty feathers. Glad to know there are others out there thinking their roosters are hens…i feel a little better, but not much.