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“Book Tour!”

So, I’m taking my horse and wagon around the country. And the wagon is going to be full of one book, called “Food Heroes.” It has my name on it too. And I’m going to be hawking it in town squares and such.

That’s how I like to envision it. It’s quite possible it will be much less charming. But I hope it’s like that. I’m planning my schedule and figuring out where to fit what in and so I thought I’d ask you guys… where shall I go?

I don’t exactly know where you all are, since I have a very active cyber life and realize that people don’t just live virtually.

Does this mean I’ll have to put shoes on?

So tell me! Are you in Denver near the Tattered Cover? Are you in Los Angeles? Lake Village, Arkansas?

This might help me sort out what looks like a very confusing calendar at the moment.

See you soon!

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  1. Obviously, you should come to Phoenix. It's a short flight from the Bay Area (and actually not that long a drive from L.A.) And since it's hotter'n hell here, no one wears shoes so you'd fit right in.

  2. Mellybrown says:

    Ooh! Come to Bellingham, WA! Lots of agriculture up here as well as lots of fishing and hunting. Or if you must … Seattle.

  3. Of course I have to pitch South Carolina, or North Carolina will do as a close second. And you know Georgia, you must go to Georgia.

  4. I hope you start off your book tour in Berkeley! I just discovered your site and love it, and hope that I haven't missed too many Bay Area opportunities.

    • Georgia Pellegrini says:

      I have 4 Bay Area events in the works starting September : ) And two Seattle events. And 1 L.A. event. This part of the U.S. will be well covered!

  5. Oh no! I had a great food hero to suggest to you in Hawaii, but I haven't had a chance to sort out my notes from the trip. I didn't realize your book was ready already. Well, if you want o do a sequel, I can suggest several tropical places to visit for research ;)

    For the tour though, I definitely suggest Boston. Small as far as cities go, but a lot of wonderful foodies. Although I think Maggie Battista from EatBoutique, who I know is another fan of yours, has moved. A lot of the Boston-city bloggers themselves are big foodies though.

    • Georgia Pellegrini says:

      Yes, I'm planning a Boston/Wellesley trip! I'm definitely going to want to know about those food heroes of yours… you'll see why soon!

  6. Hey, Georgia, Congratulations!! How wonderful! I hope we see you in the Hudson Valley. Saw a tweet from Oblong books regarding that possibility? Hope to see you then!

  7. I'm assuming you will sign in Berkeley, right?? I'll be there!

    I thought of you yesterday in the airport. I was trying to smuggle cans of my favorite red chile enchilada sauce back from Texas and they were confiscated at security. I wanted to say that I knew a girl who took a gun to JFK and got treated like the pope. Why not me? :)

    • Georgia Pellegrini says:

      Aahahaha. Yes, I'll be at Mrs. Dalloways in October in Berkeley! Sorry about your enchilada sauce :(

  8. What are the odds of at least one of those Bay Area signings being in Napa or Sonoma? I think I'll have to make it to a signing, even if it requires a quick trip to Berkeley or SF!

    • Georgia Pellegrini says:

      Well… I think the closest will be Marin! We're having a big Food Heroes Festival in San Fran in partnership with EventBrite. It's going to be killer. So you should come to more than one : )

      • Hmm….well, the drive from Napa to Marin is pretty enough that I don't need my arm twisted too severely to attend that one. If the SF blowout is truly going to be "killer" you can mark me down for it as well! I guess I'll just have you sign my book in installments….

  9. Come to Chicago. I just found your blog and spent a week or two reading through all the posts. You're awesome! Come to Chicago, though. The eating is amazing. The farmers' markets rule. You can find some great chicken wings, too.

  10. I know this is FAR from all the other suggestions, but I will follow you virtually ANYWHERE in Florida. I'm in Gainesville, but will go to Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, even Tallahassee! I can also go to Atlanta, since it's only 4 hours away. Please come to the SOUTH!

  11. If you are coming to Seattle, might as well make a stop in PORTLAND! We love books…and food….a you!

  12. I'll vote for Seattle too. There's a charming little bookstore that lots of authors have signings at called Third Place Books.

  13. When you are in the Pacific Northwest, you should come to Vancouver too. We could put an event together at http://www.bookstocooks.com/

  14. Oh! Congratulations! :) Come to Ohio!