So, I’m taking my horse and wagon around the country. And the wagon is going to be full of one book, called “Food Heroes.” It has my name on it too. And I’m going to be hawking it in town squares and such.

That’s how I like to envision it. It’s quite possible it will be much less charming. But I hope it’s like that. I’m planning my schedule and figuring out where to fit what in and so I thought I’d ask you guys… where shall I go?

I don’t exactly know where you all are, since I have a very active cyber life and realize that people don’t just live virtually.

Does this mean I’ll have to put shoes on?

So tell me! Are you in Denver near the Tattered Cover? Are you in Los Angeles? Lake Village, Arkansas?

This might help me sort out what looks like a very confusing calendar at the moment.

See you soon!

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