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“Hey Seattle!”

Hey Seattle! I’m here.

Wandering around somewhere. Have I ever told you about my blind spot when it comes to directions? We need to talk about it soon. I get lost about once a day. You think I’m joking…

Do you recognize those hands? Can you guess whose they are? Want to see them in person?

Thursday at 5pm I’ll be at the Queen Anne Farmers market with Jon Rowley doing a brix demo and signing books.

Then at 7pm we’ll be at Elliot Bay Books, talking about fish and fruit and tasting whiskey. I hear the chef at Elliot Bay is cooking up some treats as well.

Then I’ll be at the International Food Bloggers Conference roaming around, probably getting lost, since that’s what I do best.

Oh, and I’m having dinner with this lovely couple tonight who also have a book coming out!

Hope to see some of your pretty faces soon…


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  1. we are so excited to finally meet you! Lucy is too. yay to tonight!

  2. Yay! I can't wait to meet adorable Lucy.

  3. I'm flying in tomorrow and will be wandering the city on Friday. I hope you keep us updated on any great places that you find!

    If you find yourself wandering in the Capitol Hill area, there is a really wonderful cafe that you should check out called Espresso Vivace. My Seattle coffee snob friends love it and it is in an equally vivacious neighborhood. Their website is a tad lame, but the cafe itself and the coffee are both really stellar.

  4. Ahhhh! I'm getting married on Saturday and am full of family craziness, but I have the strangest girlcrush on you that I'm probably going to go super stalker and show up at one of your signings with my mother and various family members.