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“SHE Safari Givaway”

Today, for all the wild women in the world, (or all the men who know wild women and like to give them presents), I’m giving away some rockin’ clothes from SHE Safari.

As you know, I don’t know how to dress myself. Walking into my closet every morning is a source of stress. When I was young I only wore shoes until it became borderline inappropriate.

See what I mean?

The thing is, that I made up for it in other ways. For example…

I knew how to use a pitch fork.

And I could rock an apron and a Ford trucker hat. And I wasn’t afraid to get my feet dirty.

And by age 2, I was already laying cobble stone.

So I guess we can’t all have everything… we have to just be grateful for our gifts.

And even if I can’t manage to paint more than one nail these days because in an attempt to be feminine I get distracted, and then end up with this look for three weeks…

Even if… I’m grateful when people offer to dress me.

So now I’m going to spread the love. These are some of the things in the goody bag.

Cool orange blaze shirt with a shoulder pad to help the recoil…

Short sleeve version of the shirt. Girl not included.

Nice tan shirt with cowboy style pockets. Girl still not included.

Green short sleeve shirt with nice sleeve buttons. Girl possibly included. Just kidding girl.

TO ENTER: In the comments section, tell me, are you more the brick layer type, or do you have that sense of style? You can be both too if you want, some of us are gifted. ALSO: Please leave the SIZE you would like for that lucky woman/girl. (I will say as an FYI, that the S is close to a M in my world).




Clothes supplied by SHE Safari.

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  1. Oh I love these SHE Safari clothes!!! I grew up very similar to you…basically hating clothes and only wearing shoes if it was Sunday, or if we were going somewhere in town that required shoes. I have grown up quite a bit, and now throughly enjoy clothing in the popular sense, but as I'm still an outback sort of girl at heart these clothes are PERFECT!

    Judging from your comment, I think I'd be a size Small, I'm slender with curves, but tall…

  2. I'm utilitarian-I'll take anything as long as I look good! I'll go for a Large since I'm over gifted in the chest-area!

  3. Definitely more the brick layer type. I try to have style but it doesn't ever look like it should. A Large would be good for me!

  4. I would have to say my wife is somewhere in between a Brick and Style. When I meet her she was defiantly brick but since we have been married that girly side is starting to show. But my baby defiantly rocks the blue jeans, and sometimes a nice little dress. As a avid hunter I would love to see my wife in stuff like this it screams outdoors and hunting yeah. I wish I could say what size she is, I guess a Medium? I don't want to get killed for guessing the wrong size.

  5. I am definitely the brick layer type, although most of my friends are fashionistas. They always make fun of me because I'm wearing jeans and fishing shirts with no shoes. I would love to win, I hunt all the time, and this would be right in time for the start of hunting season down here in Florida! Medium, please!

  6. My wife = exactly like you. Not a hunter, not a chef though. Grew up in the sticks, explored the river down the valley from her house, always got full on wild fruits, never wore shoes. Always went camping with her family in King's Canyon. Her dad and uncles were all bearded men who loved to work on motorcycles. She is now a mother of 3, and has some time to maintain her beautiful features, but can't always keep up on the latest trends. Always looks good, though! She is usually a size M on average. She would look good with a She-fari suit and a .22! Thanks

  7. Haha! I wouldn't have known fashion if it smacked me in the head when I was a kid. I'm a liiiiitle better now. Enough to know that those clothes are cute! Especially that short sleeved green one. Love it! Size small for me!

  8. I guess I would consider myself a brick layer. I'm not into fancy clothes and only wear dresses or skirts if I have to. I love brown, green, and khaki colored clothes. I think a Small would fit well.

  9. I will make a plea for the brush pants and or the orange shirt for my daughter. She has a sense of style, when we go Pheasant hunting she is embarassed by wearing my chaps that are too long. She is a medium to small. She loves to walk around the gun club with her shotgun over her shoulder like the girl not included.

  10. I can hardly dress myself. It's disastrous. Definitely more brick layer.


  11. bostongal81 says:

    Every day brick layer with random moments of style.


  12. Oh my! This is a wonderful contest. I never have anything to wear when I go hunting with my husband – I always end up wearing some of his clothes and look like a complete dud. It's embarrassing, really. This brick layer would love to win a set of these clothes! I'm a 10 – I guess that makes me a medium? Maybe a large. I'm not sure. Definitely a brick layer. :)

  13. My wife is a brick layer type…but looks good doing it. She is a medium.

  14. Growing up I have always been an outdoorsy kind of person. Whether it was working in the garden or helping my Dad with mechanical/diy house hold projects. But as I got older I have grown to love baking, cooking, sewing, and all sorts of arts and crafts projects as well. Unfortunately, I still do not like shopping and most of my fashionable items were hand me downs from my sisters :p

    I would probably prefer a medium, I like a little extra room for comfort sake. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  15. Unless I'm in a tack shop, I don't shop much. I'm clearly the brick layer type. We use a uniform company and I am happy in navy gabardine trou and a blue button down shirt, especially if somebody else washes and irons them! I do love these clothes! Gotta have a large to get around broad shoulders.

  16. Definately the bricklayer type. Rustic would be an
    understatement. I'd still rather be barefooted!
    And I do everything LARGE.
    TLR33960 at hotmail dot com

  17. Love the orange shirt! I work on a construction site, so definitely more a brick-layer. Stylish and sturdy clothes are hard to come by. Glad to know about this brand. I would be a medium. Thanks!

  18. Not adventurous about my styling so must be a bricklayer. But a dang nice looking one. The missus would go for a medium. Keep up the good work!