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“Big Skies”

Where is your very favorite “big sky?”

One of the things I’m constantly reminded of in all of my travels is how vast this world is that we live in.

There are parts of the world where the skies seem bigger to me. Where they seem lower and almost within arms reach.

There are times when the sky just seems to mingle with everything around it.

And there are times when you just feel so, so small compared to it all. But I think that’s a good thing. It helps keep all of the every day minutia in perspective.

When the laundry pile is too high… just think of vast the sky.

When that annoying old lady takes your parking spot… just think of the vast sky.

And how teeny tiny you are compared to it all.

Take that with you this weekend to help you keep it real.

Happy Friday. Where is your favorite big sky?


Photos by Gordon Pellegrini photography.

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  1. When I'm out sailing, in the middle of the night, nothing makes me feel teeny tinier :)

  2. I would say the salt flats of Utah… the just keep going and going!

  3. Oklahoma! My ranch makes me feel small.

  4. I live in Alaska which is pretty vast and there are times when I'm in the outdoors where it really gives me perspective.

  5. Upstate New York where I grew up always has a way of keeping me in perspective. Especially this time of year with all of the Fall leaves smelling so nice.

  6. FarmGirlsDabble says:

    the plains of SD…now that I no longer live there, revisiting always leaves me in awe of the beauty I grew up around

  7. sugar bowl, missoula, mt :)

  8. Provence. The beauty gives me perspective.

  9. JumpinChicken says:

    My grandfather's house in Italy always makes me feel small in the world. The beauty gives me perspective.

  10. Whenever I'm mountain climbing I feel small. Especially in those crazy climbs when you feel like a little bug compared to everything else.

  11. Italian Alps!

  12. Vina Plains, north of Chico, CA, an expanse where I felt small, while studying smaller plants and where I first began spending time with the person who is now my fiance.

  13. Saranac, NY

  14. Right where you are in west Texas! Montana isn't too shabby either.

  15. Brandy Campanella says:

    I'd have to say Montana and South Texas Skies are the biggest .. :)

  16. I used to live in Texas and this blog post reminds me of it's wide roads and bright open skies :) Happy weekend :)

    • Happy weekend to you too! It's raining here and every candle is lit and I'm reading Hemingway. It's how I'd spend every weekend if I could. Oh and I'm carving a pumpkin too. And I cleaned out the spice cabinet because it nearly killed me every time I opened it. I'd skip that part.

  17. Don't forget to roast the seeds!

  18. Montana…after all, we are the Big Sky state for a reason. You cant expain it with words it is something one must see and experience