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“Fall Colors”

I’ve been traveling a lot lately as you may have noticed, and everywhere I go the colors are breathtaking. This is the time to travel. When the earth smells of wet dirt and the air smells of burning wood and the trees are a patchwork of blazing color.

My dad sent me these photos from Tulipwood yesterday and I wanted to share. You can see Grandma P.’s little house in the middle of all of the beautiful trees.

And the colors are different depending on the time of day.

And which way you’re looking at them.

And how the shadows are cast.

And in the early morning mist, when the earth is sopping wet, they are just magical.

How are the trees where you are this Fall? If you have a picture, send it to me (georgia at georgiapellegrini dot come) and I’ll post people’s pictures from various parts of the world!

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  1. I've decided that it is my favorite season too once an for all.

  2. Fall is my favorite season too! I just sent you some pictures of our leaves. Happy Halloween!

  3. Gorgeous! Nothing like Upstate in autumn!

  4. How breathtaking during each hour,

  5. Purty.

  6. Fragolina says:

    Wow, these colors are breathtaking… I love fall and all its colors… This is my first time visiting, I like your blog. Where i'm living it's still 26 C, and I never saw fall colors here like in other places around the world, I wish i could send you some pictures of trees changing colors…

  7. LOVE Autumn and the majesty of it all! I want to come stay at Grandpa P's house! Looks like it's been plucked from the pages of a fairytale!