1. This very curious dog with a very wet nose. Is it a Border Collie? I want to say it is but I don’t really know my dogs.

2. This man cleaning his elk that he’d just taken at dusk the night before with a boy bow (I like leaving my mistakes to dangle in the wind for all the world to see. And wouldn’t it be more interesting if it were a boy?) and arrow. More on the elk hunter in a second.

3. This deer liver mousse that I made. PLEASE make this as soon as possible. It’s urgent. Recipe HERE.

4. This couple from Minnesota that retired here. That’s the husband on the right who got the elk. He and I were sharing the kitchen and we worked well together cooking up a storm.

5. They made me want to move to Minnesota as much as Montana. I love people from Minnesota now. All of you out there!

6. His freezer is full of things that I covet. Right now for example, I’m attempting to hunt an elk in Wyoming for my book and apparently they’re out of elk here. Back ordered until Monday when I leave. I wonder how I’ll get elk meat in order to write recipes for my book? Maybe I’ll go knock on Bill Gates’ door and see if he’s been hunting elk recently. He lives down the road.

Bill? If you’re reading, do you have any elk meat you could loan me? Bill? It’s me… you know, Georgia? I bought a computer program from you that one time…?

7. My new Minnesota/Montana friend was serious about his meat cooking. He came to my host’s cabin fully prepared to cook in earnest.

8. He cooked elk, antelope and mule deer. So that I could have a taste test. We were doing some serious test kitchen work. On my plate.

Do you like mule deer or white tail better? I’ve encountered some serious debates on the matter recently and there are two distinct camps.

9. I like it all. I am an equal opportunity meat eater. The elk was most mild and the mule deer and antelope had the more intriguing flavor.

10. Also, I love the sunsets and sunrises in Montana. They’re almost as colorful as the daylight here.

The End.

p.s. To see what I mean about the day time colors, check out my bird hunting adventures.

p.p.s. I just posted my latest cabin/ranch/estate tour from my travels, take a look!

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