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“Yellowstone National Park & My Shadows”

When I travel alone, which I do so much these days, and I want to remember that I’ve been there, I take pictures of my shadows.

This is Yellowstone Park, the great big legend with the great big geysers that spout their smelly water. The Native Americans called it “the land of the stinky water.”

I loved it, and I made friends with the bison. We had brunch.

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  1. Beautiful Georgia, just beautiful; I've only been to Yellowstone once in my life and that was way more years than I care to count. But that experience was memorable and I've always wanted to return.

  2. Peter Gabriel says:

    What stoic creatures… I once wrote a song about bison. Funny story.

  3. Stunning landscape. I can't believe there is snow up there already!

  4. I've always wanted to visit Yellowstone – thanks for sharing!