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“Lodge Tour: Cheyenne Ridge”

South Dakota was a foreign land to me before I visited, and it was one after I visited too. It’s beautiful but oh so harsh, and a bit lonely. But beautiful nonetheless. I visited Cheyenne Ridge for a pheasant hunt while writing my book Girl Hunter, and was definitely the only female within 100 miles. And I would have hid in my room had it not been for the fact that their bar had a layer of ice on it to keep the scotch chilled. I was intrigued and decided it was worth coming out to take a photograph or twelve.

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  1. Beautiful looking "Man Cave."

    Female friendly? How did you cope?

    Just sayin'

    Big Steve

  2. Love it! Just the sort of "manly" look that goes well in any den! Now if only I could talk my boyfriend out of the blinking beer signs and stuffed ducks we'd be in business!

  3. Love it.