I just had a little gingerbread house making party. I need to work on my icing. But I got to thinking, while I was washing my sticky hands, that since I haven’t been madly posting Christmas recipes this year, I thought I’d share some inspiration from the past.

Easy Christmas Cookies – So many possibilities with just one batter.

Gingerbread Castle Bundt Cake – Pretty as a centerpiece and also useful if you want to impress your friends. Or if have a strange castle mold lying around.

Moroccan Lamb and Beef Stew – It makes my heart go pitter patter. Especially on a cold day. It will make yours too.

Holiday Punch – This will knock your socks off. My family had a Christmas party at Tulipwood this weekend and I hear that everyone’s socks were indeed knocked off.

34 Morton Street Specials – For when you want to delight people with your appetizer skills. Or when you just want something sublime for lunch, you can make a large version.

Have you been to any Christmas parties this year? What was the best thing you ate?

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