What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

Are you going to rock out on the streets near you? Or are you going to play it cool and have a glass of champagne at home?

If you find yourself playing hostess, or wanting to be someone’s favorite guest, here is a list of some New Year’s Eve foods that will help you ring it in with a content stomach.

Thin Crust Pizza – This is a family New Year’s Eve tradition of mine and I love, love, love it.

Homemade Cheese Spread – This is so versatile, you can flavor it with something sweet or something savory and spread it on crackers. Even homemade crackers if you want!

Pickled Red Beet Eggs – I had these over Christmas and they are always such a crowd pleaser. They’re great on rye toast or just as they are. And they’re beautiful too.

Hell’s Chicken Wings – Not that I want to give you nightmares to ring in the New Year, but if you love chicken wings as much as I do, you’ll love these.

Chicken Tenders – Or if you want something more mild and tame, these are great in a nice BBQ dipping sauce.

Deviled Eggs – We have lots of chickens and thus lots of eggs. This is a great well tested recipe that is creamy and spicy.

34 Morton Street Specials – This is a family recipe from the 40s, when my grandmother and great aunt lived in New York City. You’ll love it.

Grandma’s Spinach Dip – Grandma always has good recipes, and they’re always healthy.

Devils on Horseback – Speaking of healthy, these are not. But they are incredible. Salty and sweet and gooey, oh my.

Soft German Pretzels and Horseradish Mustard – My brother makes these for an Oktoberfest with a bunch of boys. It’ll be a crowd pleaser, especially if there are some meaty boys in your midst.

I’m noticing a hell and devil theme in my recipes… what does it mean?

And for something to wash it down with…

Homemade Tonic Water with a splash of gin or just by itself.

Holiday Punch – Because I’ve seen it make even the least giddy person quite… giddy.

Happy New Year! What do you have planned for the festivities? Are you staying home? Are you going to a fancy restaurant? Do you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing like me?

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