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“William Faulkner’s House”

I needed a little inspiration for my book, and so I paid a visit while I was in town.

Oxford, Mississippi is a magical place. It’s full of soul and hearty southern culture and fine gentleman’s stores that make me want to buy gentleman’s clothing just because the stores are so spiffy. And they have a world famous book store called Square Books, because it is, well, on the square. The courthouse square to be exact.

If you’re looking for a soulful road trip, a drive through Mississippi is highly recommended.

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  1. Faulkner is my favorite writer. One day I’ll make it to his house. Thanks for the virtual tour! :)

    • I’m still trying to wrap my head around “Big Woods”… but maybe that’s the point : ) Hope you get to visit one day!

  2. I lived in Nesbit for 14 years in the 70′s and had a dear friend who lived just outside Oxford on 2,000 acres; consequently spent a lot of time around town and enjoyed many trips through the Faulkner home. If you are in the area, take the time to go down and visit and enjoy all the quaint places in town. You’ll be glad you did….

  3. Somebody likes old architecture and rustic scenes. Are you a fan of Andrew Wyeth … his early water colors? Here is a sampling someone put on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma63q62z938

    Your photos remind me of his work.