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“Homemade Nutella”

The idea of homemade Nutella just thrills me. There is something so addictive about Nutella to begin with, but then when you tell me there’s a healthy version I can make… sign me up!

My friend Elana over at Elana’s Pantry created this recipe. It has natural, whole ingredients, including unsweetened cocoa powder, protein rich nuts, and agave nectar, a natural sweetener.

Once the hazelnuts are roasted the skins slip off more easily. Removing the skins helps reduce bitterness…

Some skins are stubborn and are hard to remove so they can stay on. Just as long as most of them are off you’re A-ok.

The nuts are blended until buttery, then the remaining ingredients are added until it blends into a chocolaty dip.

Eat this homemade nutella with anything — on toast for breakfast, with cookies for dessert, on apples for an afternoon snack. It’s so versatile and delicious. And healthy!

Check out the full step-by-step recipe over at Tasty Kitchen.

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  1. Yum – need a couple of crepes to go with and you could be in Paris!

  2. shhhhhh . . . don’t tell The Professor . . . he’s just a tad addicted to Nutella . . . ok, more than a tad . . . as in stand in the kitchen w/the cabinet door open eating Nutella by the spoonful straight from the jar . . .

  3. Oh my, that looks delicious!

  4. I love that this doesn’t have milk or cream in it! I am making it this weekend for sure.

  5. Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait to make this with my boys! They are going to love this! And I love that it is homemade. Thank you so much, I am thrilled that I found your blog!

  6. What a dangerous thing to learn how to make!