Hi Guys and Gals, Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gents, Coyotes and Feral Hogs:

(Actually, I don’t think those last two like me so this isn’t for them)

I have a new toolbar that you can download so we can stick together always. If you ever think any of these things then this is for you:

1. “I need a Georgia recipe now!”
2. “I need one click access to find out what kind of trouble Georgia is in at this moment!”
3. “What airport is Georgia in today?”
4. “How do I cook a deer heart?”
5. “What is that girl tweeting about now?”
6. “I want a fun giveaway, or to know when the next book or TV appearance comes out in real time.”
7. “I want to see the latest finds and 1-day deals in the shop”

All of this is within one click reach on this toolbar. What’s on the GeorgiaPellegrini.com toolbar exactly?

~ Homepage
~ Quick access to all Recipes (index coming soon)
~ Quickly get to the Girl Hunter Facebook Page
~ Looking for something? Search the site in one click (via google)
~ See the most recent post as soon as it appears
~ Real time reporting from my Twitter page
~ Shop the GeorgiaPellegrini.com Store on OpenSky for 1-day deals on my unique finds

Get it Here!
(for Internet Explorer and Firefox)

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