I just went on one of my traveling binges in the past two weeks and am thrilled to announce that I’m home. There’s nothing like the place really. Since being home, I decided to celebrate by pouring concrete to make my own fountain. Then I decided to mold it with my bare hands. I’ve been exfoliating, but guess what? The fountain is gurgling as we speak! I love the sound of rushing water.

Speaking of rushing water, here was one of my adventures in the past few weeks and things that I recommend, should you ever find yourself in the Aspen area…

1. Shop.

There are more Louis Vuittons per square mile in this places than anywhere else in the universe. But you don’t have to shop there, fine. You can go to Chanel. Ha.

I’m a terrible shopper as you must know by now, given my panic attacks when I’m asked to dress myself for public photos. But there was some nifty unique shops that were outdoorsy, full of woolen socks and comfy sweaters and odd objects.

Plus the streets are charming and there is a giant bear made entirely of nails in a perfectly menacing pose. It’s entertaining.

2. Eat.

This is a Bloody Mary. Now, I don’t usually drink these because I’m a little too delicate for something like this at 12 in the afternoon. But man, it had bacon in it! I just loved the way it looked. So I ordered it and looked at it.

And then I took a few sips. And then I took a few more. And soon I was running naked in the streets.

Just kidding. Erase that from your mind please.

Also, they serve salads in pyrex in Aspen. At least they do at this place called Junk. This is pretty much the most genius thing I’ve ever seen in food. I’ve been eating out of all kinds of measuring cups at home ever since.

3. Learn how to tie a fly.

There are plenty of outfitter stores that will rig you up and you can make them give you a proper tutorial while you wait. It’s complicated stuff. Well, at least at first. But fly fishing is so fun.

Speaking of which…

4. Go get yourself some dinner the old fashioned way!

Look it’s a brown trout!

Ooooh, it’s a big one mama

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I think “catch and release” is just playing with your food. It is not a satisfying way to fish.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to tell you that there was a hole in my waders.

I’ll let you use your imagination.

5. Go lounge on a hammock, preferably by a rushing river.

The sound of rushing water is so meditative. I could do it forever.

6. Then go sit by a fireplace until you’re face is red.

I could do this forever as well. It’s as mesmerizing as looking into the sea. Especially on a cold Colorado night.

7. Then, then… go to the Maroon Bells.

Some of the most stunning fall colors I’ve ever seen. And being from the Hudson Valley, I’ve seen some serious fall colors, alright?

But this is a drive up the mountain that they even charge for and it’s worth the dough.

But here’s an insider tip: go before 9am on the weekends or during the week day and you’ll be able to drive your own car most of the way up. There’s nothing like waiting in line and then chugging along in a shuttle bus to kill your fall spirit.

Which brings me to my call to action

Last year, I spontaneously posted all of the fall colors I had encountered.

Then I asked you to send me your fall colors to post for the world to see.

Fall colors from the world, shared with the world! It was heavenly.

So this year we’re going to do it again.

Send me the fall colors that you’re seeing right now along with any links to your own websites.

It will be magical.

It will be lovely.

It’ll make your heart go pitter patter.

Go ahead now… send me your fall colors and let’s share it with the world.


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