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TV: Food Network-Iron Chef America

Watch Georgia’s clips as a judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America here!

Or download the full episode of Flay vs. Isidori from Season 10 on iTunes.

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  1. I am available for Judging duties on Iron Chef.
    Please put in a good word for me ;-)

    • Georgia says:

      I’ll tell Food Network to keep that in mind :) Do you have a preferred secret ingredient that you’re available for?

      • I am available for any secret ingredient, however, I prefer to not be seated next to Michael Ruhlman because he is better looking than me. If by chance you were seated between us, no one would even notice me. Having (me) Mr. Taste Buds as a judge along with the most dynamic woman in food (you) and the most talented food writer (Ruhlman) will certainly boost the ratings of the show. My schedule is very busy, I will have to see if I can fit @FoodNetwork in. I am happy to inform @FoodNetwork that you kick ass in superior ways. Hope your new show replaces all the unhealthy sugar stuff. Yours truly, Mr. Taste Buds. aka Poco @pocotweet note: This is a ha ha gone wacky.