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Today is day 3 of my cookbook giveaway week. There are so many wonderful cookbooks out this fall! “Afield” is one of my favorites. I know Jesse Griffiths personally because he also lives in Austin and owns the amazing store Dai Due, devoted to sausage, charcuterie and all things delicous. I am often one of the many patrons standing in line on a Saturday morning waiting for a bite of something delicious he is cooking up. We share stories of our favorite meats from our hunting adventures and chat about all of the ways we do or want to cook them up.

Jesse is the real deal. He is authentic and devoted to what he does, and he does it all well. The connection he feels to food, and having a hand in every part of the process is an extension of who he truly is and how he wants to lead his life. And what’s best is that he leads by example and inspires people, he shows doesn’t tell, and it has earned him a devoted following.

He is the kind of guy who will hunt teal on the outskirts of Austin early in the morning, then head to the farmers market and cook wild boar tacos for a line of people down the block. He lives what he loves.

And his food is delicious, which isn’t always easy to accomplish with wild foods.



One of the great things about this book is that it has step-by-step photographs on how to butcher. It’s a real “how-to” guide.

And it also has this. Amen.

This is one of those books that you will keep going back to and referring to for real advice and wisdom.

It will be about the recipes but also about the knowledge.

You will hold the weight of it in your hands and say, “I’m so glad I own this book.”

And guess what? I’m giving 3 copies of it away today to some lucky guys or gals. And if you just can’t wait, you can buy it wherever books are sold.


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  1. excellent looking book

  2. I love hiking and backpacking

  3. I am not nearly as adventurous as you are but I do love hiking.

  4. I would love to learn how to hunt…

  5. I enjoy fishing.

  6. Skiing!!

  7. hiking

  8. looks great! What awesome photos, too!

  9. I am not a hunter but can filet fish with the best of them since the tender age of 8. Watched my dad butcher 2 deer this weekend. Absolutely fascinating to see where the food we were about to eat came from.

  10. This book looks right up my alley. I bring home some many different types of fish and a number of birds (and bird season is almost here where I live). I would love to have a better repertoire when it comes to preparing the things I bring home.

  11. Melissa Willard says:

    My favorite outdoor adventure is going on a camping trip via horseback. There’s nothing like the feeling of ridding a horse out into the woods and cooking over a camp fire!

  12. That looks incredible!

  13. Sarah Rios says:

    This looks like a “Must Have” book. I’m a Hunter, and this book would be a wonderful gift.

  14. I’m hoping to expand my outdoor adventures, but I currently love camping and photography.

  15. Brenda Schwerdt says:

    I love backpacking.

  16. cheryl brewster says:

    Working up a sweat pheasant hunting!!!

  17. Do want!!!

  18. Fishing!!!!!

  19. Melissa Willard says:

    My favorite outdoor adventure is hiking and horseback riding!

  20. Sounds Yummy!

  21. danny6114 says:

    My favorite outdoors activity is a weekend fishing trip to a place I’ve never been and figuring out how to coax them into biting. Most times I practice catch and release, but should a catfish decide to latch on, I may start hearing the sizzle of hot fat in my mind and keep a couple.

  22. So cool, I love following you Georgia for this very reason! If only I could live in your shoes for a day :)

  23. Wow, how to narrow it down……the best outdoor times I have ever had is when I’m hunting/exploring with my family. We have the best times in the outdoors.

  24. Huge fan of rock climbing, fly fishing, and backpacking

  25. Paulette Clark says:

    This book looks amazing! I grew up watching and then helping my Dad butcher pigs and cows for our freezer. I’m working on a source for those meats now. And maybe some wild game too. And fish too.

  26. I love the adventures of homesteading and can’t wait to add hunting to our list of skills!

  27. My favorite outdoor adventure is any type of hunt where I am spending it with my family in the field.

  28. Georgia Monroe says:

    Whoop!!! Hiking in the Mountains of Colorado!!!

  29. Tracy Dawson says:

    Yes please! Can’t wait to reply…”I’m so glad I own this book” :)

  30. I hunt and fish, and am always looking for new tips and recipes. I was just trying to explain wild game preparation the other day to a non-hunter, this book would do it for me ! I’d love to win a copy ! Thanks for the contest !

  31. Caonoeing The Boundary Waters

  32. Hunting!

  33. My Dad would love this book!

  34. Yumm, love how the illustrations capture the beauty of his cooking!

  35. Guy Occhiogrosso says:

    Yum, Yum, Yum! The pancakes had me at hello.

  36. Hiking..:)

  37. Noel Orsak says:

    Georgia – can’t you give us a teaser and provide at least one cool recipe from Afield. These photos are amazing. I want to go hunting with Jesse!!! – Noel

  38. I would love to learn the whole process from butchering to preparing.

  39. I hope I win this book! I just harvested my very first antelope last weekend and am so excited to prepare some new recipes!

  40. Lori Hada says:

    I think this book looks Great! I shot my first deer last yr so I know I would love this!

  41. I love kayaking and cycling.

  42. I’ll leave you with my most memorable, which was the first time I went canoeing. I vowed to never go again after I’d done it, but I’ve added part of it my exercise routine in the summer. I’m a bit of a rowing addict at this point.

  43. Some of the best outdoor adventures have been camping, floating in a canoe or kayak, fishing and following with a shore lunch.

  44. I love hiking, camping, and then fishing in the evening until the beer runs out through the night.

  45. My favorite outdoor adventure is finding my way through the woods on a trail I’ve never explored before.

  46. Lori Hada says:

    I just received my copy I won & I can tell this book is gonna be one I will read cover to cover! Thank you!