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“Come In, We’re Closed”

Do you ever wonder what the best restaurants in the world feed their staff before they feed you?

I have worked in some of these places and eaten many a staff meal and can attest to the wide range of what cooks and servers eat behind the scenes. While cooking in France, we ate roasted pigeon and vegetables from the garden, while cooking in New York City we each were responsible for preparing something and the offerings were elaborate, while cooking in upstate New York the pickings were sometimes uninspiring and sometimes pretty good. It is all lead by the culture of the restaurant.

My culinary school classmate and friend, Christine Carroll, just released a new book that takes you behind the scenes to some of the best restaurants in the world to show you what they feed their “family.”

Inside are stories and recipes from the top rated restaurants in the world, like the Fat Duck in the UK!

Or one of my personal favorites and where I spent Christmas Eve dinner last year, St. John in London.

Oh how the kitchen men like their tattoos…

These recipes are accessible for the home cook, no crazy food pyrotechnics needed.

You’ll take a peek inside Mugaritz in Spain.

And get a taste of their cuisine. Gosh I wish someone had fed me this back in the day.

And you’ll read behind the scenes interviews about the chefs and their philosophies. This photo is from Annisa in New York City.


You will love this book, whether you’re interested in the restaurant culture around the world or…

…simply delicious recipes as they’re prepared by the pros for their families.

And I’m giving away a copy today to one lucky guy or gal! Simply enter below. And if you can’t wait, you can purchase this book wherever books are sold.

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  1. Georgia Monroe says:

    Chicken friend venison backstrap wtih homemade white gravy!!!!! Does a body good!!! It is ouf favorite meal for celebrations and holidays.

  2. One standard meal in our house is a good roasted chicken, but I’m always looking to expand my menu!

  3. Brenda Schwerdt says:

    Tomato, bell pepper, and spicy sausage pasta

  4. Annual family fish fry.

  5. Wow, what a fascinating book!

  6. Our favorite family meal is roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. Yum!

  7. Definitely lasagna! So filling and delicious!

  8. Spatchcocked Chicken in a broiler pan over thinly sliced potatoes.

  9. Hello – our home is mad about greens cooked anyway – weekend brunch with greens in the quiche or fritters and on the side – greens like arugula dressed up fancy fresh from our urban garden with sliced pears and home made perogy! Just being delicious.

  10. Hello – our house is mad about greens done anyway – weekend brunch with greens in the quiche or fritters hopping hot and on the side greens like arugula dressed up fancy from our urban garden with sliced pears and home made perogy. Just being delicious.

  11. Roast chicken or a hearty bowl of soup (or both!)

  12. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! The whole family is together and the food is extra good because we only have the dishes twice a year!

  13. The restaurant I worked in during college had pretty basic french bistro style food, but it was always tasty and always felt homemade – very soothing to a girl away from home and family meals. In fact we were very much like a family at that restaurant, due in large part no doubt to sitting down together for dinner, daily.

  14. This book sounds fascinating…something I really never gave thought to. Hope I win ; D

  15. Grilled butterflied chipotle chicken breast with pan fried shredded brussel sprouts, homemade pumpkin pasta in creamy pumpkin sauce, and cheesy herb biscuits! Yum! It never gets old!

  16. My favorite dinners are the simple ones…roasted chicken and potatoes – YUM.

  17. Urban Wife says:

    My favorite family meal is the traditional Christmas Eve one. It consists of lechon asado (slow-roasted pork), yuca con ajo, arroz congri and some delicious flan for dessert!

  18. Shrimp Etouffee

  19. We love pizza!!

  20. Lori Hada says:

    It’s a tie between fried chicken or deer tenderloin, mashed potatoes & vegetable.

  21. Lora Johns says:

    Our favorite family meals are usually around soups made with the rich stocks from our roasted meats from earlier in the week and the left over bits and pieces of vegies and starches. We eat it with a big salad and some homemade bread or rolls with sweet butter. What better way to say “I love you” to a household with two growing boys.

  22. A comforting bowl of beef (or venison, or wild boar) stroganoff with lotsa mushrooms!

  23. Favorite family meal is probably when we all get together for New Year’s, with tons of sauerkraut for good luck and mashed potatoes. Most important though is that everyone can be there.

  24. Love this as a cookbook! It’s on my Christmas wish list!

  25. Dungeness crab caught fresh and eaten just hours out of the ocean is my favorite family meal. Fresh salmon is a close second.