One of my promises to myself this year was that I would be intentional about slowing down. That I would take the time to savor life rather than plow through it with intensity. I’m treading a little lighter these days, stopping to smell the rosemary, laughing more, forgiving more.

I work too hard, it is one of my many flaws. So as part of my balancing act this year, I’m taking myself on a vacation… I’ve been racking my brain and I do believe this is the first I’ve ever taken myself on.

Now I know it may seem like I’m always jet setting about, but this time it is going to be different. There will be no phone. There will be no email. I’m sure it will feel slightly odd not having some i-device to reach for, a small void of sorts. And I’m looking forward to filling that void with days on a beach, reading, sleeping and staring at the sunset.


I’m stepping off. Just for a few days, but a much needed time to hit restart. To celebrate getting one year wiser, and my plan to take better care of myself and enjoy life’s moments.

Have a lovely week dear readers, I am grateful for you and I look forward to more fun times together when I return.

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