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“Video: Brown Rice Cornbread”


I’m very excited to tell you about my partnership with Riceland Foods, a farmer owned co-op based in Arkansas that distributes rice around the world. Not only do they donate rice for hunger relief around the world, but the farmers also produce a nutritious, economical, gluten free and delicious product that is probably already in your pantry and at the very least in a grocery store near you.

Today I am posting the first in an ongoing series of cooking videos we’re working on together. I think you’re going to love them and can’t wait to hear your feedback and learn how you like the recipes!

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  1. You changed the skillet on us!!! Gotcha! ;^)

  2. Susan Garlington says:


    I attended the panel you did with Jason Dady and Jack Gilmore at the Austin Food and Wine Festival on Saturday. I have to tell you I was completely impressed by you. What you said about our need to grow things and get back to the skills of our grandparents really resonated with me. I immediately bought your Modern Pioneering book and can’t wait to dive into it.

    I hope I can make one of your Adventure Getaways next year.

    • Georgia says:

      Hi Susan! Thanks for coming to the panel and reading! I hope to have an adventure with you very soon!

  3. Going to try this this weekend. The video says 1C jalapenos and 1C corn, but that seems excessive for jalapenos. The riceland recipe calls for 1/4C jalapenos and 1/2C corn. Which is correct?