While Halloween is actually next Monday, many will be celebrating this weekend.  You may remember our recent roundup of 13 spooky cocktails, these are always great options, but when it comes to our go-to cocktail for parties,  it’s sangria. Everyone loves it and it’s easy to make a big batch for all your party goers to enjoy.  The following are a few ways to turn this cocktail classic into a festive treat.

“Hallowine Sangria”

Some festive straws and sticking to a darker color palette for your fruit garnish give this sangria recipe a Halloween flare. 

Witches Brew Sangria 

Everyone will love this witch’s poison apple.  This one is simple but oh-so-tasty, certain to be a big hit.

Blackberry Apple Spooky Sangria

Love, love, love the idea of getting creative with your serving ware. This beaker served sangria is delicious too!

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween, please remember always to spook responsibly!


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