One of the things we’ve noticed in all of our travels through the years is that something distinctive happens to a city when gentrification creeps in. It loses its coolness. It becomes polished and quaffed and glossy and the restaurants seem to take on a certain formula that involves subway tile and Moscow Mules. Georgia noticed this after she moved to Austin. What was once funky and textured has begun to feel manufactured. This is what happens when a city becomes extremely popular and developers can move in and make a killing without being reigned in.

Charleston feels a bit this way. For all of its historic charm and enchantment, and deep fascinating history, it feels like it could use some more character, that things could be a little less gentrified and a little more three dimensional. Don’t get us wrong, Charleston is a wonderful city to visit, but we wanted to write The Discerning Guide to Charleston to help you wade through the glossy stuff and get to the good stuff. There are many places that make “Top Lists” that we found very disappointing and comically expensive.

So hop on over to our Adventure Getaways Travel Itineraries to see Georgia’s Eat, Drink, Stay, See, Acquire suggestions to help you uncover the enchanting and dimensional bits in Charleston in: The Discerning Guide to Charleston.

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