Yesterday began the month of love. Valentine’s day will be here before you know it. Nothing brings people together quite like sharing a new experience. This year, rather than the old stuffy fancy dinner or generic movie date, we want to challenge you to think outside the box and add a little adventure to date night.

Adventure Date Ideas

Adventure Date Ideas

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Nothing brings you together quite like sharing a night under the stars and the close quarters of a tent. If you can’t get away to a camping site, don’t fret you can have a similar experience right in your living room or back yard. Surprise your partner with an epic blanket fort and some skillet smores

Adventure Date Idea

Hit the Shooting Range

Guns on a date? Gasp. In actuality it is really fun and empowering. You can even make a friendly wager, a little competition can be fun. This is also a great activity to do with your girls if you’re going the “Galentines” route. 

Adventure Date Ideas

Adventure Date Ideas

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Backyard Drive In

Bring the romance and nostalgia of a drive-in movie right to your backyard. It’s not too complicated, you’ll just need a sheet for a screen and a small projector. You’ll definitely want to grab some pillows and blankets for cuddling up and a nice bottle of wine.

What is your favorite thing to do for date night? Comment below or tell us on our latest instagram post.

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