I have been launching a new episode of my short-form series every day this week and have loved your response! Today’s is one of my favorites–How to Read A Compass. You never know where life’s adventures will take you, learn how to find your way with this survival skill, you will always be prepared. Watch the video and be sure to leave a comment on my YouTube channel to let me know if you know how to read a compass. And subscribe to the channel for free for more Modern Pioneering tips and tricks!

How to Read A Compass:

Got any tricks of your own? Share them with me on my YouTube channel!

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Georgia Pellegrini

Growing up on her family’s farm in upstate New York, Georgia developed a passion for simple farm-to table food and a deep connection to the outdoors. Having worked in the finance world after college, she decided to leave her cubicle and reconnect with her roots. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, she began working in Michelin restaurants in New York and France, and soon started leading her renowned Adventure Getaways: excursions around the country aimed at promoting “manual literacy” and helping participants step outside of their comfort zone and experience life more viscerally. Georgia is a firm believer in empowering people to be self-sufficient, identify personal strengths and pursue their life passions.