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Speaking Engagements, Event Hosting + Workshops

Interested in bringing Georgia to your venue? She regularly teaches Modern Pioneering workshops and delivers inspiring talks around the country — from Food & Wine Festivals to Conferences to Luncheons to keeping your resort guests engaged. She also partners with select venues to lead her famous Adventure Getaways. Email us to discuss what you’re looking for: events [at] georgiapellegrini [dot] com.


Here’s what people are saying:

“I recently attended an event where Georgia was the speaker. She was phenomenal. It was different than most events because Georgia didn’t come in to “give a speech” she came with a mission to empower the women who attended. She was able to convey her history and passion and turn it into a commission for the listener to pursue their own passions. She didn’t just use the words to say “you can do it”, but she gave steps to achieving your goals. Georgia included coveted book recommendations for those willing to take actions to bettering themselves. It was the best career and personal development half hour I’ve attended. Thank you to Georgia for taking the time to come to our community to help us become better women and better leaders. I especially enjoyed hearing from an introvert as I am an introvert in the public eye in my community, and I can say hands down I never get what she brought to us that day.” ~ Cathy N., Fort Smith, AR


Business Inquiries

Georgia is fortunate to work with a variety of talented people who she often refers to as “The Dream Team.” If you’d like to do business with her, whether it be a brand partnership, licensing deal, TV show, or other collaboration, please email us at info [at] georgiapellegrini [dot] com and we will direct you to the right person. Due to the high volume of inquiries, we recommend outlining your proposal as fully as possible before sending.

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Adventure Getaways

To inquire about attending one of Georgia’s Adventure Getaways and learn more about the trips, email: events [at] georgiapellegrini [dot] com


Just Saying Hello

If you’d like to just say hello, email us as well at info [at] georgiapellegrini [dot] com, or even better, follow her adventures on Twitter, the Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube! She is most responsive there.


Her Bio can be downloaded here.

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