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“Quinoa Salad”

In just a few hours, I’m going to be picking up two of my favorite people from the airport, Todd and Diane from White on Rice Couple. Then we’re jetting off to Joshua Creek Ranch, the place where I shot that magazine cover a few months ago, and guess what we’re doing there? We’re shooting the Girl Hunter book trailer!

It’s going to be so fun. I can’t wait to share the finished product with you. In the meantime, I thought I’d share something else… this little rendition of quinoa salad.

Quinoa has always been one of my favorite grains. I love the subtle crunch that it has when cooked and that it is so high in protein. It’s been slowly rising to stardom recently. It’s a grain-like crop grown for its edible seeds. It’s considered a “pseudocereal,” whatever that means… not a true cereal, not a grain, since it’s not a grass. It’s related to species like beets, spinach and tumbleweeds. It is 6,000 years old and began in the Andean region of South America. The main reason its star is on the rise here is because of its incredible nutritional value, but I like it because it takes on so many other flavors as a salad. So when I saw this recipe by the fabulous Dara from Cookin Canuck I knew I wanted to give it a try.

Here is what you will need: quinoa, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil, tomato, Kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, honey, lemon and fresh mint.

While the quinoa cooks, you make the dressing which includes lemon juice, one of my favorite things in a salad. It’s a little lighter than vinegar.

You chop up all of your ingredients, in this case olives…

Fresh mint…

And tomatoes. You toss in garbanzos also.

But there are so many things you could toss in! Just start tossing things in and you’ll see that it goes well with quinoa.

Then you drizzle the dressing over the ingredients and let it soak in.

You’ll love this. It’s good as a side or a meal on its own.

You can see the full step-by-step on Tasty Kitchen. Enjoy!


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