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“Behind the Scenes with The Chew”

I thought y’all would want to see some of the behind the scenes action that happened while filming my segment on The Chew on ABC. Ready?

photo 1

I fished a lot. The water glittered in the sun and it made the 5am wake up call worth it.

photo 2

I love black bass. It’s delicious. You should eat some as soon as possible.


I played with a bow and arrow! AND…. AND… I WORE ONE OF MY NEW LINE OF T-SHIRTS. Get Yours HERE.


I also played with power tools. I just love power tools. I made a shed antler candle holder from an antler we’d found on the ranch. Scroll to the bottom to see how it turned out and for a link to the directions on how to make one yourself!

photo 4

And I got to do this. I love it when me and a horse just get the wind in our hair.

photo 3copy

His name is Soft Eye and we just love each other.


Then it was interview time.


I tore my jeans and I LOVE IT.

photo 5

I gutted a fish and IT WAS REALLY GORY FOR TV. So they didn’t show that part.

photo 1

Then I COOKED THE FISH for TV and it was delicious.

photo 1

The French would cook this all in a pot together and call it a Courtbouillon. So would my friends in the Arkansas Delta.


This was our dinner table with two things that were truly me:

1. A shed antler that I’d turned into a candle holder and,

2. Flowers in our salad. Because a girl needs flowers in her salad, duh.

photo 2

These were my pretty friends! A special thanks goes out to Jordan Shipley (yeah the NFL star, no big deal) for helping me SO much during this shoot.

photo 4

We actually ate. Not just pretend pretty eating, no we ate. My black bass courtbouillon and a delicious dandelion salad.

photo 3

This is one of the producers! He’s kind of a Seth Rogan look alike, don’t you think?

photo 5

This was my boyfriend Woodrow chillin on set. He was kind of over it by the end of the day. That’s why I love him.

To watch the segment click HERE.

Stay tuned later this summer for my segment with Bryant Gumbel on HBO!


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