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“Video: Brown Rice Cornbread”


I’m very excited to tell you about my partnership with Riceland Foods, a farmer owned co-op based in Arkansas that distributes rice around the world. Not only do they donate rice for hunger relief around the world, but the farmers also produce a nutritious, economical, gluten free and delicious product that is probably already in your pantry and at the very least in a grocery store near you.

Today I am posting the first in an ongoing series of cooking videos we’re working on together. I think you’re going to love them and can’t wait to hear your feedback and learn how you like the recipes!

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“Wild Game for Picky Eaters”

Bison pizza

Some people are surprised by the amount and variety of wild game in my diet. Boar, duck, quail, and, especially, squirrel, aren’t the most common proteins on peoples’ plates, but I’m out to change that! Most of the people I cook for are pretty adventurous eaters, luckily for me. Not every cook is so blessed. …

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“Pheasant Confit”


To “confit” something, is to cure it in salt and then cook it slowly in fat. It makes the meat buttery and fall off the bone. Is there anything that sounds more glorious than that? It is common to see it done with duck legs, and other muscular cuts of meat, but here I’ve done …

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“One Pot Pheasant Stew”


This is a recipe that I made last week while cleaning out some of the extra game meat in my freezer and I just loved it. I had several whole pheasants left over from my Adventure Getaway in Virginia this past December and I decided given this never-ending winter, it was high time to make …

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“Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds”


A girlfriend of mine recently came over with a few simple ingredients for us to make some sweet treats for ourselves. They were so delicious and easy and so I thought I’d share because they would make a perfect homemade gift for your Valentine. Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds! The perfect blend of sweetness with a …

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“Duck Fried Rice”

_DSC6780 v632copy

There are certain recipes that are so versatile, that they are a perfect place to incorporate your favorite meat, especially those extra scraps that you don’t know what to do with. One of my favorite such recipes is fried rice—full of bold flavor, spice and sweetness and a perfect base in which to incorporate duck, …

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“Quince Jelly”

photo 2

Do you know what a quince is? Have you ever tasted one? If you have, it was likely in a cooked form, quinces aren’t tasty raw. They are one of my favorite fruits. They become nice and pink when you cook them, a soothing glamorous pink. See these recipes to know what I mean. They …

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“Venison in Red Wine + Port Mushroom Sauce”

_DSC5616v632 copy

Recently, I had a friend over for dinner. It was impromptu and she brought along some venison that her dad had hunted. We whipped up something that was quick and delicious, so I thought I’d share it with you since we’re all always looking for quick weekday meals. The best part is that this sauce …

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“Pumpkin Pie Leather”


Since y’all love my last fruit leather post so much, I thought I’d make another one for you that is in season! Here goes, get your pumpkins ready. Here’s what you will need: one 15-oz can of pumpkin, canned coconut milk, unsweetened applesauce, honey, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground black pepper, nutmeg, and coconut oil. In a blender, …

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“Dove & Fig Kabobs”


Raise your hand if you’ve been dove hunting this fall. I have been and I’ve been eating lots ‘o dove. I think the doves know it because the other day I came home to put this recipe in the oven and I looked out my glass door onto the deck and a dove had run …

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