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“Foods that Boost Your Mood”

chamomile tea latte copy 2

I was sitting at a coffee shop with a girlfriend recently after a particularly taxing workout class, and she said: “You know, I think you should write about foods that people should eat when they’re going through a breakup. Because all I want to do is drink this Chai latte all day but I know …

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“Take My Lil’ Survey!”

header - shirts

I’ve been working on a top secret mission and now I’m spilling the beans because I need your feedback. In about a month, I’ll be launching a fun line of T-Shirts and want to get your feedback on some of the designs we’ll be launching. There are men’s and women’s. The actual style of the …

“Weekend Projects”

drip candle

I’m always looking for my next big DIY project that will get me into the creative process. DIY ideas are especially good for weekends when I want to feel productive and create something. Below I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas that I think will help you tap into your inner modern pioneer this weekend. …

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“Friday Lust List: Small Space Gardening”


It’s finally Friday! In the spirit of modern pioneering, I only thought it would be fit to share some of the small-space gardening tools that we’ve have found on the interwebs. Can you tell that I am getting excited for the weather to warm up? I can’t wait to go get my hands dirty and …

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“Exclusive Pre-Order of My New Book: MODERN PIONEERING”


I read a quote somewhere recently that said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.” That’s how I have always tried to live my life and somehow I’ve been blessed enough to make it my vocation. It …

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“Friday Lust List”

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 12.33.27 PM

It’s Friday! Are you screaming it from the rooftops? Here are some fancy things that have caught our eye in Georgia Land all across the Interwebs this week… a little Friday inspiration as we start to make our holiday lists: After spending a long day outdoors, I want nothing more than a seriously heavy-duty shower …

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“My Favorite Holiday Recipes”

Gingerbread Castle

I am just now starting to think about holiday food. Perhaps because this is the first day that is has felt truly cold in Austin. My favorites are always the ones that I have made memories around, those nostalgic moments, aromas and people that the dishes will always and forever be associated with. We all …

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“10 Things for Women to Wear in the Outdoors”


Ladies, I’m sure we can all agree that the quality of clothing available for women to wear in the outdoors is seriously lame. At least the stuff they call “hunting” clothing. It is usually men’s clothing scaled down in size. I pretty much never wear it. It steals my joy. So what I’ve learned to …

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“Friday Lust List”


TGIF. Here are the amazing things that caught my eye this week on the interwebs, there are so many talented people in this world. Also, I like saying interwebs. I also like saying, “let’s look it up on The Google.” It makes me feel like a granny. My girlfriend and I have started using #hashtags …

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“Friday Lust List”


It’s Friday! And it’s time for us to show you all of the dreamy things that have caught our eye this week over in Georgia-Land. Come visit, we’re having fun over here. Time for a little Friday Fun… I don’t know what you’ll be doing this weekend but I’ll be wearing a velour track suit. …

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