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How to Find Your Way Without a Compass

We’ve been focusing on survival skills here lately. When it comes to being a true survivalist you need to acquire the skills that are able to get you to safety when in a pinch. For instance, if you find yourself lost on a trail. Maybe your phone doesn’t have service and you don’t have a physical compass on hand. Fear not, G is here to equip you with a very important […]

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Winter Squash with Grandma P.

One of the great and glorious things about squash from the garden is that it lasts until long after the garden is dormant for the winter. Right now in fact, there are 12 squash lined up along the windowsill. Grandma P. needed something tasty to bring to the church potluck a few weeks ago and since I was awfully curious about the flavor of these winter squash, I suggested we […]

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The Clotted Butter Lady

Barbara Lake lives on a modest farm in Lanceston, Cornwall with her mother in the 300-year-old house in which she was born. She keeps eleven cows, half Jerseys and half Guernseys, that produce milk with an exceptionally high fat content. A one-woman show, Lake milks her herd morning and evening, separates the cream from the milk and produces a warm yellow clotted cream, all from the same oil fired stove […]

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