Meet Farmer Al. That is his full name. Like Madonna, or Bono. In most parts, all you have to do is say Farmer Al and people know who you are talking about. That’s because…


…he grows these:


Word on the street is that they are the best in the country, and all organic too. When no one thought it could be done, he did it — organic peaches. And they have really high brix, each bite an experience you hope will never end.


He checks the brix on a refractometer…


He also has head tasters on staff to ensure the highest quality before they are shipped…


They get in their special tasting chairs in full gear and head to the field…


Once the head tasters have given their stamp of approval, the peaches are tucked into their boxes and dispersed throughout the country.


That’s the story of Farmer Al and Frog Hollow Farm.