The coolest thing I’ve seen in recent months…


… is a father teaching his daughter how to properly clean a bird for dinner. Wanting her to understand what it is to be a meat eater and how to be a fair and honest meat eater at that. Hunting is not about male bonding in the woods anymore… it’s about understanding how to participate in nature, how to hunt for food, take only what you can eat, use every part of the animal and treat it with respect all the way to the plate.


It is how you pay the full karmic price of a meal, and avoid an anonymous relationship with your food. Face your food head on and appreciate it more fully. Someone recently said to me, “If you’re gonna eat, somethings gotta die.” That resonated with me in its simplicity… vegetable protein or animal protein… it has to die in order for us to eat. Even to make and eat cheese an animal must die, which many don’t realize.


So it makes me happy to see the sassy faces of young girls out in the corn fields learning about life and nature and how to be a part of it rather than skirt around it. To walk the rows of the corn fields rather than the aisles at Stop-n-Shop.


Women are the cooks in the world, despite what you see on cooking shows. So why shouldn’t they be the hunter/gatherers as well? And understand that ingredients come from nature, not a Styrofoam wrapped package in the meat section of the grocery store.


It is a fun thing to cross that threshold…


Liberating in fact…


And beautiful…


So many life lessons wrapped up into one event… how to live and eat in full consciousness.


And for that, I am grateful to be a part of it. Girl hunters are very cool cats.