One of the first little bits of wisdom I learned when I decided to get serious about cooking, was how to make garlic paste in 30 seconds. It was a revelation and I thought, “Wow! These are all the shortcuts that pros know!” So then I began to work in professional kitchens and was peeved to see people mincing their garlic the same way I’d done it as a “civilian”… just chopping and chopping and chopping and chopping and… it took forever. Here is both a video from my new YouTube series, as well as photo step-by-step so you can try it too.

How to Make Garlic Paste in 30 Seconds:

Here is the step-by-step in photos: 

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Soooo… I thought I’d share the revelation that I had about garlic mincing. I did it last night and it thrilled me. It never fails.

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Peel several cloves, depending on how many you need.

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Chop them roughly…

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Chop, chop…

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Add a copious amount of salt…

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Then chop them some more…

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Now press the side of your knife back and forth like you’re a master brickworker, moving your trowel and cement back and forth.

And in a few more seconds…

You have a lovely dollop of almost liquid garlic!

This is the road to garlic paste in under 30 seconds. I hope you are thrilled now too. Life is better with a little garlic.

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