As you recall, I had all of these strange French peppers this year. Some turned red, some didn’t. It was very confusing. But they were beautiful and I loved them and pickled the ones that were green. The others sat one the windowsill because I was too busy to do anything with them and while they waited, they turned red! So we strung them and now they’re dangling and drying at the window. And every time I want a spicy pepper they are there for my picking. This is how to string peppers, it is a fun past-time…

How to String Peppers:

Watch the video!

Here are the steps in photos:



Use sturdy darning thread and a big needle so you don’t make yourself insane trying to get the thread in the hole.


You can buy darning threat at one of the CVS/Dollar Store type of places. I love those places. They have all sorts of crafty things.


Now, you insert the needle through the top of the pepper…


(They were definitely not fresh peppers as you can see, but it doesn’t matter! Really it doesn’t).


Now, pull the string through, and pull the pepper to the bottom…


…One at a time until you have as many on your string as you’d like. Leave the string uncut so you can extend it if you wish.


And you can arrange them in all different directions.


(Peppers are very durable when it comes down to it).


And once you have as many as you’d like, you hang them in a cool, dry place and watch them shrivel.


Go string some!

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