I’m going to take a pause from my deer hunting adventures to share with you what showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I think my non-hunting oriented readers might need a rest. Plus I want to talk about chocolate. This chocolate.

DSC_0405 copy

It comes from a charming chocolate factory called Charles Chocolates in Emeryville, California.

DSC_0409 copy

His things are really a work of art and the flavors he uses are quite unique. On a recent visit I had lavender flavored chocolates and a s’more the size of a small child.

DSC_0425 copy

But here is what is most artful about the work at Charles Chocolates…

DSC_0428 copy

The box that holds the chocolates is made of chocolate! And it has edible snow flakes on it.

DSC_0431 copy

Look! The lid of the box even has a ridge on it so it fits snugly. Now if that’s not attention to detail than I don’t know what is.

DSC_0433 copy

And look inside….butterflies, polka dots, blue snowflakes…

DSC_0449 copy

This is the “Winter Collection.” The fact that he has a winter collection is impressive enough. I can barely pull together a winter wardrobe.

DSC_0453 copy

It is true that chocolate often incites an emotional response in people. I’ve never been one of those people even though I do enjoy it very much. So as a true litmus test I put a family member on the job.

DSC_0454 copy

The blurryness of this photo best conveys her glee.

DSC_0461 copy

This butterfly has peanut butter in it with a little bit of crunch. The dark chocolate outside takes you from bitter to sweet. It is a special experience.

DSC_0463 copy

This snowflake has a stiff dark caramel inside. And incited the biggest “MMMM” sounds I’d ever heard. The sounds sort of went like this, mmmMMMMMmmm, like a siren.

DSC_0467 copy

And then she said “Tell him I want to marry him in my next life.”

DSC_0469 copy

And then she aggressively took the butterfly from my hand.

DSC_0464 copy

And had a moment of silence while she ate it.

DSC_0472 copy

Then we dove into the “tripple chocolate almonds.” People started getting hostile because I was taking too many pictures and they wanted to be eating them. So I dolled them out to fend off a riot.

DSC_0477 copy

Thank you Charles Chocolate. Your work makes people laugh, cry, and contemplate leaving their husbands. You’re a true culinary genius.