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Back to our regularly scheduled programming! Last time on “The Delta Deer Hunt,” we roasted a whole hog on the grill and drank whiskey around the fire. To catch up, here are the first, second, and third installments.

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This was the musical interlude. Warm on barbecued hog and good whiskey we were lucky to have two guys who really knew how to play the guitar.

There were a couple of brilliant songs that these boys sang, some familiar, some made up on the spur of the moment.

And the coolest part about it was that they got almost everyone singing.

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And the other cool part about it was that everyone carried on as usual, they didn’t even notice all the spot lights in the midst of all the fun. They were their natural, regular, wonderful selves.

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Except that someone stole my camera. A lesson that I should never put it down.

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The camera guys had a remarkable ability to capture it while also being part of it…

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One handed! What a pro.

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He sang…

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He sang too…

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And he belongs in a New Orleans night club he’s so good.


And then they made up a song called “Whiskey in a Deer Stand” which I think might top the country music charts next year.

But before I play you that one, I’m going to give you a little Knocking on Heavens Door… just some colorful bits and a guitar solo…