I like fireworks.

My brother really likes fireworks. As a six year old he made us go into dark alleys and backrooms in Chinatown stores to buy fireworks from “toy store owners.” When we first entered, they “didn’t have any” and shrugged us away. But if you lingered in the store a little longer you would suddenly be tapped on the shoulder and ushered into a creaky chamber where a plethora of fireworks were at your fingertips. These were the golden days…before Chinatown was overrun with tourists looking for fake LV’s and the police hadn’t quite cracked down on the fireworks sector.

And now that little G is all grown up, he has his own resources. I don’t know what they are. I turn the other cheek.

I’m the good child.

He had a leftover stash on Christmas and so he seized the opportunity and put on a little show.

It was purty:

So now that the fireworks are all spent and the cookies are all eaten and the yule log has been burned to ashes, what’s your outlook on the New Year? Do you have any bold resolutions? Or are you just making black eyed peas and hoping for the best?

I’ve never been one for resolutions. Maybe they feel a bit forced or too hard to see through for 12 months straight. But I made a little one this time because it just is something I feel like doing anyway. My goal is to be less ruled by technology and email. It has wooped my butt this year and I’m reclaiming my butt. But don’t worry, we’ll still spend some time together here every day.

Happy New Year babes ; ) What’s your resolution?