I had a nice post about pudding that I was about to share with you today. But I need to vent. So I hope you’ll indulge me. The pudding will have to wait until Monday.

I hate coyotes. They offer nothing and take everything.

On the plane ride two days ago I was watching a news story about how they are becoming so aggressive that they are coming into people’s yards in broad daylight.

Well, I just found out this morning that they took Lucy.

Lucy is a woman

I understand that there is a natural food web — those predator-prey relationships between species that transfers energy from one organism to the next. But what a horrible waste. Who preys on coyotes? No one anymore. Until now. (That’s me being mad).

Lucy arrived here in a very untraditional way.

She was was the lone white chicken, since as you found out yesterday, Loretta is now Lorenzo.

She laid lots of double yolked eggs and was generally a very fat chicken, who wobbled around. She was not very fast. Which in the end perhaps lead to her demise.


She had a love-affair with Buster, the mentally ill rooster. I supposed they are both in bird heaven together now.

Lucy is a woman2

You will be missed Lucy.

Watch out coyotes. You’re all dead meat. I’m writing a mincemeat coyote pie recipe as we speak. And polishing my rifle.