I’m not a man.

I just play one on the Internets.

That being said, I am mildly obsessed with good whiskey. And now good cigars. But maybe just cigars because you don’t have to inhale. And I have no idea how to inhale. I have no future as a chain smoker. I’ve tried and failed a time or two. I look like a dorky awkward kid coughing and red faced.

But I like the taste of a good cigar now and then.

There are enough cigars around during hunting season that everything begins to smell like a good Cuban.

Even the dogs get into it.

Sort of.

With a look of mild concern.

The smell of a cigar makes me feel like I have a library made of rich mahogany and many leather bound books. Will Ferrell would be proud.

There’s something very social about cigar smoking.

A tad otherworldly…

Hunt some doves, breast them, stick a cigar in your mouth, pop a PBR, preferably in a corn field…

Add some molasses to your hog. Maybe some bacon too. Smoke the cigar some more.

Then get out a guitar. Play a few crowd pleasing favorites. Take a few more puffs.

Or just sit in silence and contemplate life. Cigar smoking takes the place of words. No talking necessary.

And then there’s this.

This could be trouble. Or it could be pure connoisseurship. An 18 year old bottle of this is a life moment to savor. It also makes me feel like my mahogany library with many leather bound books also has a vast mahogany desk with leather seating and twenty foot ceilings. I’m just sayin’.

Or some green label. With some venison tenderloin. Straight from the deer you’ve hunted.

Does one need much more than this in a life?

Tell me, what’s your favorite cigar and drink?