I thought it would be appropriate to conclude my Delta Deer Hunt series with one of the more amusing bits from the weekend. When you get a few good guitar players in the room, and pair them with a few people who can wax philosophically on just about any topic, good things start to happen–good and highlyentertaining things. Now I don’t want to embarrass them, so I’m going to give you just a little clip of the melody and let your imagination take care of the rest… all of the lyrics are below… they made it up as they went along. It was quite a hoot. And I think this one might top the charts in Nashville this year…

Whiskey in a deer stand maybe its the promised land
Don’t know why I do it, I do it all the same
Go out walkin, and we find where we came from
In the stars in the trees, in the fresh air we breathe
Cold mist in the air, and the wind blowin through the trees
Sunlight through her hair makes me start to believe

Whiskey in a deer stand, me and all my friends
Pour another double, let’s hope this shit don’t ever end
When we go home, will remember it what it was
A bit of beauty and a kiss from your cuz
I put my thoughts away in a box
I tried to do what I could in the woods
Everybody calls me crazy
Maybe it’s because I’m a little lazy
I put my heart, and I put it to the test
But then you find that you got nothin left
Time passes by as the day goes on
Something about being in the woods, being all alone
Nothing left, nothing else to do
Everything that I see, seems to come true

Whiskey in a deer stand, Faulkner in my hand
Well I rode out in the high country and I put my heart on the line
I’ve got to do these things, just to pass through time
Can’t wait til I get back home, back to Delta land
I’ve been running all my life, just to get back to Delta time
Love comes easy, and it feels grand
But nothing quite compares to whiskey in my deer stand

p.s. If you’re wondering what this Delta Deer Hunt is that I speak of, you can catch up here: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII.