I was going to write earlier, but I got distracted by a strawberry rhubarb pie.

Now that it’s cooling, I thought I’d tell you about a class I tought this past weekend on pioneer skills… this particular segment was on pickling.

Some dedicated picklers and I convened at a very cool blue Victorian house in Oakland and pickled in the sun.

And we ate snacks. Snacks are important for successful pickling. There was soft cheese and lemon curd and wild boar sausage from my favorite sausage maker you’re going to read about it my book soon.

I leaned over the table and ran up and down the stairs. That was the extent of my productivity.

But the picklers did a stellar job.


And then they took a break for lemon curd.

If you only take one piece of advice from me, let it be this: always take a break for lemon curd.

One of the best things about canning and pickling is the colorful jars you end up with on your shelves. There are endless possibilities really. Saffron for yellow, red beets for red… Twinkies for black and white…

We did a good deal of hanging out. And we caught lemons from the trees as they dropped.

And these were the pickles of our labor:

1. Pickled cucumbers

2. Pickled red beet eggs

3. Pickled hot peppers

4. Amen

Contented picklers.

Oh… and the best part for me? One of the picklers works at a winery in Napa and brought this brandy that was made only for the family who owns the winery. And for me. Since he gave me a bottle from the secret stash.

It is in these moments, sitting in the sun, sipping secret brandy, that I like being me.

The End.