Do you have a sink full of dirty dishes right now?

I do.

Whenever I think about my dirty dishes and resist, I dig deep and channel all the ladies that used to do them way back when, without a peep.

I peep.

I whine.

I throw suds in the air.

I also whip out this because it cracks me up.

It tickles me pink.

It helps me keep it real.

These are index cards from my Great Grandmother on how to properly wash dishes:

You have to respect a woman who wrote it out neatly in Roman numerals. Do you think she had it next to her at the sink while she did them?

Do you think she referred to it as she had the silver forks and “iron ware” in hand?

Here is the translation. I offer it here for you to have at your disposal whenever you need to dig deep also. Take a look, while I go and… sigh…do my dirty dishes:

“To Wash Dishes”
by Ada B. Gray – Wellesley 1912

To Wash Dishes
I.  Preparation –
Empty cups & glasses, scrape dishes,
Put things of a kind together.

II. Appliances –
Dish pan half full of soapy water (borax),
Dish pan full hot clean water
Dish cloths
Mop – hang out in sun or will sour.

III. Method —
Wash cleanest things first in following order
other dishes not greasy
carvers & steel cutlery
greasy dishes
wooden ware
tin ware
aluminum ware
enamel ware
iron ware

p.s. For treats from my Great Great Grandmother’s recipe book, go here!