In honor of the 4th of July, I will likely do three things:

1. I will be thankful for this great country we live in and for all those who have fought to preserve it.

2. I will squirt Reddi Whip directly into my mouth because it’s fun, and I’m on vacation. And sometimes you have to eat cream that squirts out of a can to remind you that you’re an American.

3. I will chase this old turkey around the yard.

For some reason he doesn’t want to be with the other turkeys. He prefers the company of cats and guinea hens.

You can see the whole chase on the Photos page. Just to warn you, it’s not nearly as action packed as a car chase or even a turtle chase. He bobs his head around and flaps his wings and runs in circles.

Happy Birthday America! I hope all of you are off somewhere squirting reddi whip, and being grateful that we get to live here.