And I’m loving it. This place always offers up some strange experiences that I know I’ll look back on when I’m 90 in the rocking chair on my porch whittling, and get a good chuckle out of. Like that time I was sitting next to the mayor and house speaker at dinner and didn’t know it until he was trying to feed me lamb off his fork and the kindly sommelier whispered it in my ear. As I was trying to dodge the lamb flying toward me. Yes, these are the things I’ll laugh about as I’m whittling.

Other things that always seem to happen while I’m here:

1. There’s an earthquake. Luckily this time I was so engrossed in email that I didn’t feel the building swaying to and fro.

2. I always take it upon myself to drink an entire bottle of water before I get on the highway during rush hour. It makes for a…colorful…experience.

3. Also this time I learned that I should leave myself 2 hours to get anywhere that is 5 minutes away or less.

4. Also, please ignore the random flag picture above. It has nothing to do with this post or L.A. Neither does this point #4. One day I will change it when I have a working computer again. One day. I long for those days.

Happy Friday! Are you doing anything fun this weekend?