Today, for all the wild women in the world, (or all the men who know wild women and like to give them presents), I’m giving away some rockin’ clothes from SHE Safari.

As you know, I don’t know how to dress myself. Walking into my closet every morning is a source of stress. When I was young I only wore shoes until it became borderline inappropriate.

See what I mean?

The thing is, that I made up for it in other ways. For example…

I knew how to use a pitch fork.

And I could rock an apron and a Ford trucker hat. And I wasn’t afraid to get my feet dirty.

And by age 2, I was already laying cobble stone.

So I guess we can’t all have everything… we have to just be grateful for our gifts.

And even if I can’t manage to paint more than one nail these days because in an attempt to be feminine I get distracted, and then end up with this look for three weeks…

Even if… I’m grateful when people offer to dress me.

So now I’m going to spread the love. These are some of the things in the goody bag.

Cool orange blaze shirt with a shoulder pad to help the recoil…

Short sleeve version of the shirt. Girl not included.

Nice tan shirt with cowboy style pockets. Girl still not included.

Green short sleeve shirt with nice sleeve buttons. Girl possibly included. Just kidding girl.

TO ENTER: In the comments section, tell me, are you more the brick layer type, or do you have that sense of style? You can be both too if you want, some of us are gifted. ALSO: Please leave the SIZE you would like for that lucky woman/girl. (I will say as an FYI, that the S is close to a M in my world).




Clothes supplied by SHE Safari.