This is a little tour of CF Ranch, the first of many ranch tours you’re going to see this Fall and Winter, as I gallivant and escapade (can that be a verb?) and roll around in the mud on all four corners of the earth.

I feel that you should roll around in the mud too, at the very least via a photo gallery. Plus many of these places are very beautiful, and we need to spread the sight of beautiful things I think.

We need more of that.

So sit back, and check in and click your way through to some of my favorite ranches (and sometimes estates) across the world.

And tell me what you think along the way, send me your pictures, tell me your stories, right in the comments below. It’ll be a grand ‘ol time. Just like the Flintstones used to say.

CF Ranch is the place that they filmed lots of old western movies… like The Streets of Laredo, Dead Man’s Walk and Rough Riders. Check it out!


Photos by Gordon Pellegrini photography