Update: And the winner is…. #11 ncnguyen514: “I like dressing.. which is the slightly cooler cousin (or sibling??) to stuffing. I like that it’s crunchy from being baked seperate rather than soggy from being inside the bird. I also like cider :-)”

Congrats! Email me at: georgia at georgia pellegrini dot com with your address!

And wow, you guys made me hungry, I loved hearing your stories. If you’re hungry for more giveaways, check out my friend Tartelette’s blog to win a copy of Food Heroes!


Because it’s Tuesday.

Because I didn’t get an elk yesterday.

Because I made me some grits recently from these guys and they knocked my socks off…

Because Thanksgiving is coming up and you really need some grits on the menu and some good strong coffee…

Because Christmas is coming up and there’s always someone we forgot to buy a gift for…

I’m giving away some artisan goodies from Muddy Dog Roasting Company. The company is owned by my friend Jim Pellegrini who is not even related to me, can you believe it?! And he keeps a blog about his artisan production right here. He is a true food hero. You can check him out on the Food Heroes Map, which you should add your own food heroes to while you’re at it!

In the box will be:

1 pound of roasted cornmeal

1 pound of roasted grits

1 pound of their signature blend coffee, “The Old North State”

All you have to do to enter is answer in the comments: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? I’ll go first, I like going first.

I like stuffing. It makes my life complete. And I like to mix it with cranberry sauce. And a slurry of mashed potatoes and gravy. And on the day after Thanksgiving I like to put it all between two pieces of bread.

Okay, now you go. Winner will be announced Wednesday after 5pm.

Happy Tuesday!

p.s. Hungry for more giveaways? Head over to my friend Tartelette’s blog for a chance to win a copy of Food Heroes!


Giveaway provided by my food hero Muddy Dog Roasting Company.