My friend Mia is an ex-pat now. She crossed the pond and married an Englishman and their family lives here part of the time, in a beautiful old estate where pheasants and ducks roam the woods, with an occasional woodcock and pigeon too, and even a muntjac, that strange beast that looks like a large rabbit with horns or a small deer with horns or something out of the books of Narnia.

Sometimes I visit her. Particularly because three times a year they have a traditional British estate shoot where the villagers come out and hunt together and then have a feast to laugh together. It’s a gay old time and I go back whenever possible so I can play in the land of make believe — as if in Narnia or maybe Wuthering Heights… the one where he says “you enchant me, body and soul… and I…”

Oh nevermind. Take a look at the photos!